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the government that will occupy his time. >> if you were a betting man what would he have success with/ >> immigration is the biggest one and republicans may support that. everything he talked about, i don't think in a year he'd pass it all. >> the innaaguration of 2013 -- they are making plans to make it go more smoothly and how the badnsnds are preparing. >> what a treat we had today lower sixties. big changes tomorrow. wait until you feel the difference. ♪ ♪ aww man. [ male announcer ] returns are easy with free pickup from the u.s. postal service. we'll even drop off boxes if you need them. visit usps.com pay, print and have it picked up for free. any time of year. ♪ ♪ nice sweater. thank you. ♪ ♪ >> tomorrow will see changes learned from 2008. the metro will allow drivers to pay for parking on their way out of the lots after people were waiting in line to park and spilled out on the interstates. but that is far from the only change. >> when president obama is sworn in gene a will be one of the people in the audience. she is getting prepared. >>
's still, this is what i use today. [shots] >> wow. >> so-- >> by the way, i'm doubling down on my bet. betting on you, not bo dietl. and that's great shooting. >> as you can see-- >> one last question before i let you go, a lot of people hear these names and semi automatic and they're afraid of them and there are so many weapons, what you're saying there's no massive logic reason what they're banning, is that a fair statement. >> i believe that's a fair statement. what you spoke with asa hutchinson is cosmetic it has no baring on the firing and functioning of an ar-15 and strictly for me to help me through competition, it doesn't make it big, bad, scary or worse than one without those features. so i believe that's a fair statement. >> sean: all right. jessie, very, very informative, a great shot and i look forward to the bet with bo. thank you for being with us. >> thank you. >> sean: coming up, when he we come back, our studio audience, and they sound out and explain why we've got to protect the second amendment rights of the law abiding citizens in the u.s. that and more straight ah
-- >> by the way, i'm doubling down on my bet. betting on you, not bo dietl. and that's great shooting. >> as you can see-- >> one last question before i let you go, a lot of people hear these names and semi automatic and they're afraid of them and there are so many weapons, what you're saying there's no massive logic reason what they're banning, is that a fair statement. >> i believe that's a fair statement. what you spoke with asa hutchinson is cosmetic it has no baring on the firing and functioning of an ar-15 and strictly for me to help me through competition, it doesn't make it big, bad, scary or worse than one without those features. so i believe that's a fair statement. >> sean: all right. jessie, very, very informative, a great shot and i look forward to the bet with bo. thank you for being with us. >> thank you. >> sean: coming up, when he we come back, our studio audience, and they sound out and explain why we've got to protect the second amendment rights of the law abiding citizens in the u.s. that and more straight ahead. >> now, while the white house continues to defend its gun grab
. and then next weekend, stay tuned. that looks like the best bet foreseeing some rain and cooler temperatures. could see highs next weekend. upper 40s and low 50s. at least that's my forecast. maybe i should ask janelle what she thinks because she's extremely accurate of late. >> spectacular. football fortune teller, we're talking about our own janelle wang for the second 49ers game in a row she predicted the win and point spread. listen to this from our friday at 6:00 newscast. >> we're going to listen and las vegas is going to listen. >> i think it's going to be tighter because they're away. and the falcons have a fierce offense but i think the 9ers, oh, drum roll, the 9ers are going to win by four. four against atlanta. >> by four? >> four. >> okay. seriously? really? comcast sports better watch out. janelle knows what she's talking about. speaking of comcast sports, let's check back in with ahmed fareed. you've got to have a little pressure with janelle right now. >> i wondered what she was doing here standing behind me. >> giving you cues? >> yeah. before she replaces me. all right. the
how it goes. >> i think it was a very aggressive obama speech. >> he's making a bet that america's turning a corner. if we could show, if i could ask our great folks in the control room, to show the wide shot again. the white house. you see across the river. as the sun sets there. i remember standing in that park on 9/11 and watching the smoke. you see the top right of your screen. i remember we were evacuated from the white house on 9/11 and watching the smoke come up from the pentagon in what would be the top right of your screen there. the president in his speech today talked about the war is over. a decade of war is ending. >> yes. >> he is making a bet that america cannot retreat from the world but, heck, can have a different engagement with the world. that both changes foreign policy but it also potentially frees up resources in domestic policy. >> he can use that as a springboard to say now that we have the opportunity, we must seize the moment. he's got this whole -- his wife now is getting very involved in the politics of this. she's going to be very involved in this. wo
's a good bet? do you see what i'm saying here? >> that's correct. and a lot of these, so-called legacy securities, if you think about the market. this is approximately a trillion dollar mortgage market. so there is still a lot of these legacy securities or legacy loans out there the in market. at the same time, all the newly originated mortgages, which are mortgages originated over last couple years are better quality borrowers because banks stepped away from lending. right now we're focused on legacy securities, again 2006 and prior. there is lot of those loans out there still. but as, we continue to evolve, the newly originated mortgages will be a great place to invest in the long run. cheryl: that was going to be my question, was, the credit profile. what type of credit profile are we talking here? particularly let's focus on the new ones. >> yes. cheryl: the older mortgages are higher quality but the new ones, what is that profile right now? >> that a great question. a lot of mortgages right now if you're a borrow are looking at a getting a nongovernment mortgage, unless you're a p
's events and we will continue to have a live look which is about to bet underway for the president's second time in office. be sure to join us again tonight at 5:00. we are always here for you on www.ktvu.com or on mobile ktvu. we will be here at the inaugural parade bringing you more coverage.
to roddy white. interference, you bet it was. ball game, over and out. the 49ers go to the superbowl. >> it does validate our team and -- we said at the start therare are three superbowls to win and now we have another in two weeks. >> we have the right guy to lead us and now -- we're going to go and - -- we have one more and see what we do. >> jack will be in the stands. with the 49ers advancing two players will not go to the pro bowl. london fletcher and ryan kerrigan are going to hawaii. >> this is as good as it gets. a family feud. >> i saw the pictures in federal hill. they are partying. >> out there >> which dress with michelle obama choose? thsoe close to the process say what started with 20 designers areee down to two. the gowns are shuttled from new york to dc and because the designers don't have direct access, they have manequins made in their studio. a single appearance by a first lady in a designer's clothes >> a photo of the celebrations in baltimore. federal hill many were out celebrating the ravens were superbowl bound. did you know if we'd had the inaguration outside
coached by coach harbor on -- harbaugh's brother jim. pete.begin with i'd bet things are feeling a whole lot warmer up there now. >> it is not that cold. a year ago i was watching them come off of this field. they looked bang like they just lost a puppy dog. they were very sad. ray lewis said that we will get back here. they did. they made sure that things were different. in the locker room at halftime they were getting the same feelings from a year ago where it might be slipping away trailing 13-7. at that point, they rallied. joe flacco, absolutely unbelievable in the second half where he threw three touchdown passes. he has not thrown it interception since the loss to denver. that was the one where he was left lying on the field for 15 seconds. that was one of the lowest points in the season. it has been an incredible ride. they will now go on the rise -- on the road to new orleans for the harbaugh bowl. >> the fans are so fired up. they have a celebration they are getting too. they are so excited to party into the night and celebrate the fact the ravens are going to the super bowl. w
an inside look for washington. great to have you with us. >> you bet. thank you. >>> let's turn the focus back to california. governor jerry brown says he's fixed the state budget by increasing taxes and keeping a tight rein on spending. he declared an end to the state's prison crisis. correspondent spencer michels sat down with the governor earlier this week in an interview for the pbs "newshour." in this segment, they discuss whether california is really out of the woods and the governor's plans for the future. >> governor jerry brown, thanks very much for talking with us. >> sure. >> governor, proposition 30 in california was sold that it would help the schools and almost exclusively help the schools. are the california schools out of the woods? >> you say out of the woods. we live in the woods, so we don't get out of the woods. but the money is definitely going to the schools. it's very helpful. we're paying down the debt. the state took in borrowing $2.7 billion from the schools and over the next five years we're going to pay back our debts to the schools from the state and they're g
the best bet of rain in the forecast. meantime tomorrow morning, sunglasses for your morning commute. during the afternoon, the future cast is showing you hour by hour really no clouds. very unusual to see that this time in january. for the morning, you'll see low 30s, maybe patches of frost toward contra costa county in toward the delta fairfield. mild for san francisco, in the low 40s. 37 tomorrow morning in oakland. the afternoon looking nice. low 70s for another day. we think around santa cruz, 66. mid to upper 60s possible for another day around morgan hill, and areas south of san jose. 65 in pleasanton. about 63 in san francisco. 64 in santa rosa. the first two days of the week will be the warmest days. then come wednesday, a few extra clouds. at least the mornings not quite as cold. we could see a few showers, especially for the north bay. thursday and friday look dry. unfortunately for your weekend plans, looks like next weekend will be the best bet of seeing rain and some fresh snow. it has been a little while. we've been in the mid-winter dry spells. >> time for some rain.
of san francisco, i bet that you will be able to tell which one is which. >> the 10-year-old girl is the president of her class at her elementary school and the larger person is a member of the board of supervisors. >> hang on hannah oconnel and scott weiner. [ applause ] >> so i am not hannah. i will be reading wishes tonight and alternate. the first is from sisters in gramic of the sisters of loreto my wish is that we achieve marriage equality in every state and we resend doma on the federal level to achieve full quality for lesbian and gay relationships across the land. >> i wish that the bees were not dying from. >> that is a good one. >> my hope is for improved economic conditions for my country's most vulnerable people that we create healthy environments and green spaces and by country men and women become fully conscious of their ability to change things for the better. >> baptist from haiti. my wish is for more justice, economic as well as social justice, starting with the recognition that poverty is not a sin. >> i wish for wish for a world without boarders and walls, age
by four or more points. i have $500 on the four-point spread. >> up at tahoe? >> it's an online bet. >> yeah. so it's really a tough. >> so if my math is correct, 28-24, somebody made money. last january at this point the season was over for the 49ers, but the old saying, wait until next year became a reality. >> ama: abc7 news sergio quintana is live in san francisco's mission district with more. reporter: well, am ma, as soon as the game wrapped up there were dozens upon dozens of people who came out here to the 24th and mission street bart station to make noise and celebrate the win. some people even brought drums and some people even brought some pots and pans. the 49ers' red is just about everywhere on this corner. the jubilation lasted for a couple hours following the game, and remained relatively well-behaved. >> look at this. the niners, baby, yeah! >> surreal. we're going to the super bowl! >> 24th and mission here early to set the tone we wanted people to celebrate but not get out of hand. celebrate on the sidewalks and not go in the streets. not to light bonfires like at
ers by four or more points, $500 on the four pointed side. >> up at tahoe. >> it's an online bet. so it's on. >> last year the season was over for the niners but wait till next year became a reality. >> niners new stadium is expected to open for the 2014 season but they don't have a deal for naming rights. they said today the team doesn't have anything in the pipeline right now and naming rights deal would help pay for the $1.2 billion project. if the niners win the superbowl maybe a sponsor will step up. >> it's been three years since the conditions were right for the mavericks surf contest. they braved the waves. 43-year-old man from santa cruz took home the top trophy. >> sky7hd captured the wave and ride that defining the mavericks. this is the eighth competition which drew 24 surfers from around the world. thomas came to see the giant waves and his surfing heroes. >> it could be more waves, but, yeah, it's pretty impressive to see that. >> it showed the huge traffic back-up on highway 1. more than 30,000 people packed half moon bay. the hotel sold out of the 15,000 tickets early
. they will board the bus and then home to their family with open arms. and you bet those san jose fans tonight were excited and they had visions of that stadium here in 2014. >> it is dominating. it is dominating. stay tuned roar the 49ers fans in the south bay and sharks fans join together to watch the games on an off the charts sports day for the bay area. >> san francisco giants, the san francisco 49ers, the stars, that is it. that is it. that is it. yep. >> go 9ers. >> reporter: former sharks captain and owner of the sports bar said it has been a memorable day in the south bay. >> you kind of have the best of both worlds. the sharks games on, and the playoffs, is your eye going back and forth today? >> well t is weird, you -- it is weird, you want to cheer for the niners to get the super bowl and the sharks are starting off their journey to get to a stanley cup. i would like to see the brothers go at it. but my heart is in san francisco. >> reporter: with the 49erss headed to the super bowl, niner fans can not wait to see them play in the santa clai
th street. better bet is to use metro. we are finding that we have closures downtown. the southeast-southwest freeway is open but you are denied access to the third street tunnel, the ninth street tunnel and 129th street tunnel. independence, constitution all closed off. we've heard from folks who said yes, i'm going downtown. they are making their way over towards the metro. that is the way to go because of the limited parking. there is a number. streets that will be closed off right now because of the festivities throughout the day. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. ime traffic. >> thank you. >>> up next, today is the big day but there were plenty of events and festivities leading up to this inaugural weekend. >> all right. coming up next, today is the big day. there were plenty of events leading up to it. >> we'll show you how a group of future voters geared up over the weekend. fox 5 morning news will be right back. right back.  oh! progress-oh! -oh! -oh! oh! oh! ♪ what do you know? oh! ♪ bacon? -oh! -oh! oh! [ female announcer ] with 40 delicious progres
're all closed. but if you're taking metro, here's probably your best bet. federal center southwest, capital south, union station, even foggy bottom if you want to be down by the lincoln memorial. remember about metro, you really shouldn't transfer tomorrow if you don't have to. there's going to be limited parking at end of the line stations and metro opens at 4:00 a.m. and running until 2:00 a.m. let's take a look at driving. obviously, as we said, that's going to be a problem. but all the bridges are going to be open except the memorial bridge. that's the bridge that you really want to avoid tomorrow. you won't be able to get across with your car. one of the most popular ways to get to the national mall might be biking, taking your bike. the d.c. department of transportation will be setting up a bike parking area for hundreds of bikes at 16th and i northwest and two bike corrals for the capital bike share bikes at 17th and k and the other at 12th and independent southwest. >> for all road closures and travel information, go to our website and click on our locals guide and send us
around the capital beltway. metro is your better bet headed into downtown this morning. mo metro is running extended service just for you. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> i, barack obama do solemnly swear. >> reporter: it is official. president obama has begun his second term. the president took the oath of office from chief justice john roberts yesterday afternoon. for hundreds of thousands of people, it was just a warm-up for the main event later on today. metro will be very busy. it opened up early to help with the huge crowds that are expected for the public inauguration and the parade. >> there are some stations that are closed for the celebration. kareny houston is live at gallery place. >> reporter: lots of people walking around downtown metro. julie wright is right, the only way to get down here. streets blocked off, no place to park. a lot of people. we aren't sure if some of these people aren't left over from the bar crowd last night watching the ravens game or if some are just trying to get a good spot. these people have been waiting for metro to open
be lured to demise crashing upon the steps of justice system. so after seven years silence broken. i bet he laid down a hell of a judicial stemwinding after seven years. >> the transcript picked up only four words. [ laughter ] >> jon: well i beat he made them count. you know? what did he say. >> justice scalia made a joke about yale law school. justice thomas' alma mater and according to the court transcript he said, well, he did not -- and that's all he said. [ laughter ] >> jon: well he did not? i was going to after seven years you have to make them out. you're out of order! luke, i'm your father. that is unconstitutional. you can't handle the -- that's four (bleep). well, he did not. what does that even mean. >> what thomas appeared to be suggesting was that an ivy league degree didn't necessarily mean the lawyer was qualified and the courtroom erupted in laughter. >> jon: really? [ laughter ] good room. so that's your only equip you've been there seven years and no other equips. not a -- that's what she said? sounds like my wedding night. nothing? aristocrats, nothing? probably the las
of the president's, and big donors, you can bet, and members of the cabinet. one member of the cabinet not be here. we don't know who it is. the designated survivor, just in case the unimaginable happens. bill clinton, jimmy carter, no bushes, however. george h.w. bush recuperating from illness and george w. bush had to send his regrets. look at the blue carpet. yesterday they had vacuums in here cleaning up and the glass you can see right there, just minutes, wiping it clean to make everything look absolutely perfect for the ceremonies again. the president will take the oath for the second time in two days at 11:30 this morning. soledad. >> john berman, thank you. let's get to john king. hey, john. >> soledad, hello to you. i don't think it's so chilly. i'm with you on the weather front. a beautiful spring day in washington. let's get to the team joining us on beach day in washington. we have the former obama deputy press secretary, margaret hoover, and brian liza for "the new yorker" and ron brownstein from "the national journal." we're going to head straight up to john borrasso, a conservative,
best bet for getting down to the mall for the inaugural festivities. the official start time for metro today was 4:00 a.m. but we did notice here at the gallery place station, the doors did not open to customers at exactly 4:00 a.m. there was a line at the top of the escalators at that time. the barriers were not lifted until about 4:13. some folks were anxious to get on the trains to go home. even more folk trying to get closer to the inaugural festivities on the mall. >> i just got off so they are he not letting the bus come home so the best way home is the subway so i'm taking advantage of it. >> we have to head down to volunteer at d and seventh street for the inauguration. we are like official volunteers. >> what time are you supposed to be there? >> by 5:00. no later than 5:00. >> reporter: metro's hours today for your planning purposes open 4:00 a.m. until 2:00 a.m. peak fares are from 4:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. there are normal week day parking rates. parking fees will be charged when exiting. metro suggests that you plan your day without a transfer. it will make it easier. all fiv
-- the group he oversaw invested in a hedge fund that bet on the housing market to collapse. governmentwe expect a with hank pauls ouon out of goldman sachs -- how can we get the average person a fair shake? >> that is an example -- a lot of them took short positions and derivatives with speculative debt on how mortgages perform. they would make a profit -- and other hedge funds opposed the market and they wanted the housing market to go bad. they would make money if it happened. in one, the volker rule will prevent that kind of activity. >> why has it taken two years? >> i don't know. the pace of regulatory reform is not that good. >> why do you think that happened? >> it is -- dodd frank led it to authorities to get it done and they are responsible for some of the problems. the lobbying against the regulatory process has been severe and intense. it is not getting better. >> how can they stand up to the lobbyists? >> there is what some people call cognitive capture -- to look at the world through the industry they regulate and they are too worried about those -- you should always listen
on your own, think about your experience in san francisco. and i would be willing to almost bet that somewhere in that experience you'll find a piece of moscone and a piece of milk. and i must tell you that for me it's on a daily basis. before coming here tonight, i told the mayor, i walked the embarcadaro. i do that quite often. i wander around san francisco. it's always amazing to me because as i wander around san francisco i'll see something or experience something that has come as a result of the most open, the most directed, and the most people-sensitive government anywhere in this world. and it comes as a result of two extraordinary people who gave their lives so that we can enjoy, and enjoy we must. thank you. (applause) >> thank you, mr. mayor. that was wonderful. i kind of messed up on the timing here. i apologize. but, so, i'm going to introduce assemblyman tom ammiano next and then we'll have the gay men's chorus and we will go to jonathan. so, just before tom gets up, tom was one of harvey's volunteers for many campaignses. he walked precincts and he was a very brave
. >> the phone was next to me on the bet not ringing. this is difficult. a slow january afternoon in the hills above port-au-prince and the time before christmas and cornball was a distraction. why alone housemates the photographer was at home my a main translator was translating phone calls before heading down to a family's house for he had been living since his divorce. a haitian mechanic was replacing the brake pads on may 13 year-old jew tracker. the call was from someone telling me i could ship out. after two and a half years of disasters and riots, many pet cars nonutility i could count on i was done with haiti. my friends are great the house was terrific wins set back against the viscous and lime trees. the sounds of children filled the day and i would fall asleep to the church at night. pfalz and most had shipped off to the next crisis. the editor said i could pick when exposition as long as it was called zero or baghdad. [laughter] i chose afghanistan. waiting for the phone to ring i kill time to play trivia. i was in a boxer's and an undershirt sweat take out the last of the h i hear
'll be out, but i bet he will. >> we'll be watching. i can see you fixing your hair. there's wind now. it was a glorious day here in washington. sunny and warm. but look at what's happened before here in the capital. you'll remember in previous years, during the reagan administration, his second inaugural was a lot worse. so cold they had to go inside. snow filling the stands. in 1937, it was the wettest january on record. fdr decided if the crowd could handle the elements, so could he. he rode through the streets in an open car. just before we came on the air, we checked the forecast. they're expecting 30s, chilly, but not bad. we're grateful for that. rain or shine the abc news team will be here throughout the day with live coverage starting with "good morning america" and continuing throughout the day. the entire team along the parade route. we'll see you tomorrow. >>> in the meantime, we continue on the note about weather and bitter cold freezing a big stretch of the country tonight. blowing arctic winds along with it and clayton sandell is tracking the front for us. >> reporter:
of the white house with chief justice john roberts doing the honor. and you can bet that chief roberts said the words carefully. four years ago he said the oath wrong. so president obama is the first to have been sworn four times. this morning, joe biden was sworn in by sotomayor. then there was the wreath laying ceremony. and the first couple also attended the episcopal church for martin luther king celebration. >> reporter: when a president and vice president are sworn in it's only for a four year term so if they're reelected they needed to be sworn in for a second four year term. reporting from washington, d.c., i'm tori campbell, ktvu news. >>> more details on predictions. aides say the president is taking the challenge of a second term very seriously and that he's still working on his speech. they expect him to strike a balance between calling for unity and admitting that not all issues can be resolved. and while mr. obama will announce his vision for the country he'll likely save details for his state of the union speech to congress. >>> veteran news woman barbara walters was hospital
. good morning jeanine. >> reporter: that's right, they are here at the training facility and you can bet the team will be here practicing for the next couple of weeks. ktvu channel 2 morning news was there as the team's plane touched down at 11:15 and people were cheering as the players and fans walked off the plane. they made their way to the headquarters in santa clara and they won the game against the atlanta falcons and they had a rough start in the first half and were down by 17 points but frank gore ran for a pair in the second half and the team won 28-24 and this is what jim harbaugh had to say. >> this is a team effort and everybody does a little and it adds up to be a lot. this is done by -- this is not done by any one person. tremendous force showed heart in the team and they will move on with humility and will be ready to play again in two weeks. >> reporter: coach harbaugh will be facing off with his brother who is a coach for the super bowl in new orleans and that's leading some people to call the super bowl the harbaugh. harbaugh took over the team since coaching stanford a
this further a little bit later on. so thanks, cenk, appreciate it. >> thank you. >> jennifer: you bet. today was certainly a day that progressives of every stripe cenk will not forget. and the uniqueness of the moment was not lost on the president who actually paused as he left the stage. take a look at this. ♪ >> jennifer: a brief moment the president seemed to be just taking it before getting back to the hard work at hand. joining me now is somebody who knows a lot about hard work dean obediallah is a critical comedian. and he is going to be performing in dubai this weekend? >> this saturday -- today here in new york saturday in dubai. >> jennifer: and yesterday two events at the inauguration. >> three events. one at a ball where a lot of military veterans were, and then two other events and jim messina was getting on. >> joy: dude you are milking it. >> i know. a lot of energy and a lot of happy people. >> joy: when you are performing do you turn around and look at the audience like the president just did. >> i think we should all savor moments in our lives. but was li
there. >> i bet it is. it's 4:33. we are the afc champions. the ravens are headed to new orleans for superbowl 47 and if you are just waking up we feel your pain. fans celebrated the win so grab the extra cup of coffee. it's worth it to be a little tired. charley has a look at how they managed to take down brady and the patriots. what do you have for us. >> reporter: it was the dynasty versus destiny. to get to the superbowl they had to avenge last season's loss to take out tom brady and the participates rots and -- patriots and delivered. new england got on the scoreboard early with a field goal and led 13-7 at half type. but in the second half -- halftime. but in the second half, allbaltimore. flacco threw three touchdown passes and as last week against manning, flacco outplayed tom brady who threw two interceptions. final score 28-13. ravens over the pats and following the game everyone was emotional none more so than ray lieuis. >> i respect the game -- lewis. >> i respect the game too much and i was hurt when i saw a sign that said my rerei time the will end today and man ca
're overlooking the white house as things get under way bright and early. i bet the staff is ready to go. >> the staff is probably ready to go but the lights are still not on. i guess the first family are getting a few more winks as they're going to have a very, very busy day today. they had a busy one yesterday. both. obama and vice president biden have been sworn in, in their second term in office. >> we'll be here all morning, both monika samtani and howard are back in the studio with your weather and traffic first. we begin with howard with today's frigid temperatures. not going to be one of the coldest inauguration days but it's pretty cold out here now. >> temperatures in the mid-30s. watch it climb into the 40s. average inauguration temperature is really about 37 degrees at noon. so we'll be a little bit i think above average believe it or not. behind me city lights here. we've got a neat morning going on. we just looked at the jefferson memorial a moment apg. your day plan other this monday, we got a mix of clouds and sunshine today. i think there will be a few more clouds this a
: a school of mullet fish. i bet that whistle means "i found food. this way!" aviva: follow those dolphins! (clicking) hey, are you getting any of this? no, but it seems like they're making a plan for the hunt. problem is, they're doing it in dolphinese. well, how hard can it be? let's just follow their lead. huh? (squealing) what's wrong, click? (whistle-clicking) huh? what? whistle? you're saying whistle. what about him? (squealing) that must be some kind of distress call. i think she's worried about whistle. (squealing) uh-oh, i'll check it out. okay, we'll stay here and decode this hunting stuff. okay guys, let's do this. catching fish, dolphin-style! (dolphins click-whistling) got it. that click whistle must mean something like "circle the fish!" no problem. i'm with you, guys! oof! sorry, wrong way. this way, right? (whistle-clicking) ha! i got this now. we're herding the fish into a tight ball-- a bait ball! this is genius. talk about a smart creature, and by communicating you can cooperate and work together. (clicking rapidly) oh, up. got it! th
street to get across downtown in the east-west direction is your best bet. >> the excitement is building for today's inauguration. there will be a lot of traffic. you can expect that with more roads being closed than yesterday. brianne carter is joining us by phone. she's on the way to the national mall. it has been an especially long trip this morning. >> they told us to get out early to the downtown area. everyone is heeding those warnings. people are driving around trying to navigate the road closures and i saw people walking downtown. that means parking and trying to then get as close as they can to the national mall. almost every major thoroughfare is already blocked. people are trying to stake out their spots, but they will be waiting for quite some time. so many road closures around the area where the inauguration will take place, so people are somewhat surprised. the out of towners are not used to it. the backup is already beginning. >> thanks so much. you can check --wjla.com for a full list of all the road closures. if you are taking a taxi to d.c. today, the d.c. taxi commissi
. it's likely your best bet. although three stops are closed for security today. they're the smithsonian, archives and mt. vernon stations. all closed today. adam tuss is at the vienna station on o the orange line checking out the crowds. adam, good morning. >> reporter: hey, eun and aaron, how are you doing. listen, your car downtown on the national mall, that's definitely a bad idea. here people have been trickling in all morning. the crowd not as big as four years ago. four years ago, we saw a pretty big crowd by this time. people are trickling in and metro is preparing for a very busy day. metro opened at 4:00 this morning. the issue right now is parking. finding a parking space at the metro lot. metro says right now about 15 to 20% of parking spaces at stations are taken. remember, you pay for parking as you exit the station and you pay with a credit card or a smart trip card, not cash. here's another important tip. approximate you haven't already, make sure there's enough value on your card or paper fare card so you don't have that wait at the machine. that way y
paying up on the bet. the ravens celebrating with fans across the state. more highlights and reaction. >> we have some arctic air and the forecast. >> we are keeping a close eye on the area roads. ♪ chances are, you're not made of money, so don't overpay for motorcycle insurance. geico, see how much you could save. >> this is a beautiful team. baltimore, we did for you. >> the road to redemption. live team coverage of the championship win. >> i will faithfully execute -- >> president obama gets a dress rehearsal to prepare for this morning's inauguration ceremonies. a chilly start to the week. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute --www.ncicap.org-- >> you're watching wbal-tv 11. live, local, late-breaking. this is 11 news today at 6:00 a.m. >> good morning. i'm mindy basara. >> and i'm stan stovall. thanks for joining us for 11 news today. >> talk about football. >> it will feel like we'll move to green bay by tomorrow. or minnesota. probably the coldest air mass will seen in a couple of years. 30 degrees right now.
, america always rises to the occasion. america prevails, and america prosperous. [applause] those who bet against this country have inevitably been on the wrong side of history. so it is a good moment to pull the statue of freedom at the top of the capitol dome. it is a good moment to gain strength and courage and humility from those who are determined to complete the half finished dome. it is a good moment to rejoice today at this 57th presidential inaugural ceremony, and it is the perfect moment to renew our collective faith in the future of america. [applause] [cheers] thank you, and god bless the united states. [applause] [cheers] in that spirit of faith, i would like to now introduce myrlie evers-williams who has committed her life to expand the principles of this country to all americans. mrs. myrlie evers-williams will lead us. [applause] >> america, we are here. our nations capital. on this day, january 21, 2013, the inoculation of our 46th resident, barack obama. we, at this time to ask blessings upon our leaders. the president, vice president, members of congress, all elected an
in 2016. >> some people have said that -- >> i would bet a lot of money that that will never happen. >> you will? >> is that right? >> i was just in chicago. a lot of people are betting on it. mark kirk will be up, and he was a great senator, but he's had a stroke. >> he's had a stroke and was incapacitated and just returned as they swore in the new senate three weeks ago and walked up the steps in a show -- >> full disclosure, i didn't think hillary clinton was going to run for the senate either. >> i think there will be a lot of pressure on her to be a logical choice. >> let's return to talking investing in the investing climate. the president's first term marked by major gains in the stock market. i think his was the third best first term performance for the industrials, second only following franklin roosevelt. but second terms don't generally turn out as well both politically and in terms of investing. the average is something like 10%. what does the president need to do, what can he do to foster a better investing climate and maybe take some of the anti-business rhetoric out o
bets on other people's debt. >> i can hear it in your voice that you smoke. [ laughter ] >> i do not. i can hear it. [ laughter ] >> i can hear that you smoke. [talking over each other] stuart: thank you, everybody. great three years. new cavuto has special coverage for the next two hours. regular coverage resumes after 1:00 p.m. eastern. ♪ >> this is a fox business special report. here is new cavuto. neil: standing before the white house parade. washington is getting ready for this event. even though it involves a reelected president. it does not have quite the same drama as it did four years ago. it is still a pretty big event in and of itself. the address will be 20 minutes. his state of the union address is february 12. this event, at this moment, as people made their way here, could you imagine the people who got to these bleachers over 12 hours ago. they have been camped out waiting for this moment. the scene right now, you are looking at bill clinton and hillary clinton, all of the former president will be here. let's go to peter barnes who can preview this. looking at hillary
newsletter free if they want to go to gingrich productions.com. i bet a lot of people will. mr. speaker, thank you for being here today. [applause] >> earlier today, the senior presidential advisor, and senator chuck schumer said they were pretty confident, that congress is going to approve the president's gun plan, but a firearms expert says that the plan is not the solution when keeping our children safe from ruthless killers. killers. he will he' explain why when are you flo? yes. is this the thing you gave my husband? well, yeah, yes. the "name your price" tool. you tell us the price you want to pay, and we give you a range of options to choose from. careful, though -- that kind of power can go to your head. that explains a lot. yo, buddy! i got this. gimme one, gimme one, gimme one! the power of the "name your price" tool. only from progressive. living with moderate to semeans living with pain.is it could also mean living with joint damage. humira, adalimumab, can help treat more than just the pain. for many adults, humira is clinically proven to help relieve pain and stop
in that audience, piers, perhaps thought he was making a play for the next four years, piers. >> i bet. i'm just surprised the president himself wasn't there to sing a bit of al green with smoky robinson. suzanne, thank you very much. coming up, a rare appearance, my exclusive interview with three people that know president obama better than almost anybody else, the inner circle and never, ever sat down to give a joint interview until now. >>> it's historic weekend. live pictures there of a dazzling scene in washington, d.c. and i've got a bit of history, too. exclusive interview with three people that helped president obama win the second term, three of the very closest advisers. former senior adviser david axelrod, ken messina. they have never, ever sat down together for a joint interview on television until now. enjoy this. >> welcome to you all. this is a rare political event. a piece of history. the three of you have never given a joint television interview. >> i think you should go to the smithsonian as long as we're in washington. put it right in the vault there. >> it is a big day for th
bring. people can get your newsletter free if they want to go to gingrich productions.com. i bet a lot of people will. mr. speaker, thank you for being here today. [applause] >> earlier today, the senior presidential advisor, and senator chuck schumer said they were pretty confident, that congress is going to approve the president's gun plan, but a firearms expert says that the plan is not the solution when keeping our children safe from ruthless killers. killers. he will he' explain why when (applause) >> president obama revealed his plan to put an end to gun violence. >> congress should restore a ban on military style assault weapons, and a ten-round limit for magazines. [applaus [applause]. the type of assault rifle used in aurora, for example, when paired with high capacity magazines has one purpose, to pump out as many bullets as possible as quickly as possible. to do as much damage using bullets often designed to inflict maximum damage. >> mike: all right, when the president describes what assault weapons are, does he really know what the heck he's talking about? well, my next
right now? bet? >> eric: i will take -- who do you like? >> bob: i likebe 49ers. >> eric: i like jim harbaugh, too. >> bob: if you give me seven points i'll take ravens. >> eric: you got it. >> bob: all right. >> dana: what does that mean? >> eric: niners have to win by that. >> kimberly: why would you give him -- >> eric: a young quarterback. >> kimberly: tremendous poise and pressure. >> bob: all right. >> greg: by the way, did any of you see the last episode of "downtown abbey" sen three? you are in for a shock! democrat explains your hairdo -- >> kimberly: that explains your hairdo. >> bob: one more thing is up next. ♪ ♪ >> dana: time for one more thing. i have a cute one but i have to go last. >> eric: quickly for the kids out there who wonder if you're smart enough to be president or vice president. believe me, you are. watch. >> i'm proud to be president of the united states. you am prouder to -- but i am prouder to be -- [ applause ] i'm proud to be vice president of the united states. i'm prouder to be president barack obama's vice president. >> eric: just follow a camer
of your legislation. >> all right, larry, thank you very much. always a friend. even when i lose bets why feel like a fool. we will be back on fox business network tonight at 8:00 p.m. with the likes of michael dukakis and others and what they think about this event which is part of america whether you like it or not, whether you like him or not, right new, he has a new four year lease on life. he coming out swinging. [ male announcer ] here's a word that could give you peace of mind. unbiased. some brokerage firms are. but way too many aren't. some of the ones that push mutual funds with their names on them -- aren't. why? because selling their funds makes them more money. which makes you wonder -- isn't that a conflict? am i in the best fund for me, or them? search "proprietary mutual funds". yikes, it's best for them. then go to e-trade. we've got over 8,000 mutual funds and not one of them has our name on it. why? because that's not the business we're in. we're in the business of finding the right investments for you. e-trade. less for us. more for you.
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